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Strollers for children are very different. They differ not only in materials, colors, but also in their purpose.

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Huge selection of strollers

A metal frame is better than a plastic one, and wheels with solid tires and steel bearings are better than plastic or inflatable wheels.

Warranty on all products

A stroller with a one-piece design is more reliable and will last longer than a folding one, due to the lower load on the parts and connections.

Convenient product search

The handle with an adjustable height and angle of inclination is more convenient than the one whose position is unchanged.

Catalog of baby strollers

Models of strollers with three wheels – a fashionable, interesting design, but impractical in our latitudes option.

Summer stroller

  • $350.99

With a new smooth and quiet one-hand seat recline for minimal disturbance to bubs rest. Compatible with carrycot plus.

Mountain Buggy

  • $754.99

From infant newborn ready to toddler mode, swift delivers longevity with a truly authentic Mountain Buggy experience.

Zyeliha Stroller

  • $448.49

Your baby will enjoy the cosiest ride in the bassinet and you'll love the smart one hand fold and light weight of this stroller.

Chiccota Stroller

  • $466.99

A pull-strap and button are conveniently tucked under the seat and easy to activate simultaneously for a compact, free-standing fold.

Urban Plus Stroller

  • $738.99

The seat can be easily transformed into a spacious carrycot so that even your newborn can enjoy walks in the park.

Mariinimo 2 Stroller

  • $461.99

This stroller will be your new favorite way to zip through your day with your little one. Suitable for newborns up to 36 months (or 15 kg).

Popular products

Strollers for children are very different. They differ not only in materials, colors, but also in their purpose.

Modern stroller

  • $1,428.99

Be ready for tomorrow! You can’t control your destiny, but now you can be ready for the stroll ahead in more ways than ever.

Mountain Buggy duo

  • $699.99

Cleverly engineered and easy to push, stroller is perfect for those quick errands around town, providing a true Mountain Buggy.

Fashion Stroller

  • $349.99

Ideal companion for parents navigating the bustle of the city. Compact and convenient, can be folded into a very small package.

How to choose a stroller?

The transformer stroller is similar in its versatility to modular strollers. The difference is that in the transformer, the cradle for the newborn is embedded in the main wheelchair (walking) module, and not installed in its place. Thus, in the modern version, a transformer stroller is a stroller with an additional cradle. In fairness, it should be said that the cradle in such models is poorly insulated and is not suitable for the harsh Russian winters. In addition, it often does not keep its shape well and does not provide an anatomically correct position, which is very important for the baby.

The advantages of transformers include the ability to adjust the position of the backrest (relevant for the walking version) and compactness. And the main disadvantage of such strollers is that they are quite heavy — from 10 kg. For strollers, this is not the most convenient option, and in general, a large weight creates a number of difficulties for the mother.

When choosing a transformer stroller, it is very important to pay attention to the build quality, performance materials and design features. Check whether it is easy to change the position of the handle and fold-unfold the stroller. Try to do it yourself in the store with the help of a consultant. Evaluate the dimensions of the product in the folded and" full " form. Pay attention to the cradle-liner: what is the degree of its insulation, the rigidity of the frame, the dimensions. If the cradle is very small, the growing baby in it may be cramped, and you will soon have to buy a new one.

These strollers have the same features and options as single ones. They differ only in the location of the cradles: next to (parallel to) or behind each other. Parallel placement allows babies to be at the same distance from their mother. However, some mothers note that, growing up, children prevent each other from falling asleep. This problem can be solved by the "tandem" option.

For safety in such strollers, there are belts (a good option is five — point, since they hold the child well and do not limit his mobility), a groin strap and a safety handrail. This is a guarantee that the child will not slip out of the stroller. For convenience, it is better to choose a stroller with a bumper, you can attach toys to it, and the baby can lean on it. Children often do not allow themselves to be fastened with seat belts, which is undoubtedly bad from the point of view of safety, and in this case, a bumper with a divider makes it possible to walk with an unbuckled child.

Take care of yourself, too. To be mobile with a small child, a maneuverable stroller is not enough. It is desirable that it has also convenient accessories. For example, a bag for mom, because it is in it that you will carry nipples, bottles, napkins, toys, as well as your personal belongings. Ideally, such a bag should have many pockets. Check when buying, whether it is convenient for you to open it — most likely, you will often have to use it only with one hand (when holding the baby with the other). If the baby was born in the fall or winter, also take care of the clutch-it is attached to the handle and reliably protects your hands from the cold.